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Skelbiame TURKIJA’24 vasaros kelionių pardavimų sezoną atidarytą! Pirmas skrydis iš Vilniaus į Antaliją įvyks jau kovo 30 d. Skrydžius vykdysime kasdien.

Atostogos Tunise! (2024 m. gegužės mėn.)
 456 € PARADIS PALACE 4* AI, 2024-05-02 7 n.
 588 € MEDINA SOLARIA THALASSA & SPA 5* AI, 2024-05-09 7 n.
Atostogos Juodkalnijoje! (2024 m. gegužės mėn.) 574/662€ HOTEL ACD WELLNESS & SPA 4* BB/HB, 2024-05-29 7 n.
 710/832 € AVALA RESORT & VILLAS HOTEL 4*+ BB/HB, 2024-05-22 7 n.
Atostogos Kretoje! (2024 m. gegužės mėn.)
 687 € ROYAL & IMPERIAL BELVEDERE 4+* AI, 2024-05-07 7 n.
 730 € DESSOLE MALIA BEACH 4* AI, 2024-05-07 7 n.
Atostogos Bodrume! (2024 m. spalio mėn.)
 622 € ARMONIA HOLIDAY VILLAGE & SPA 5* UAI, 2024-10-11 6 n.
 727 € LONG BEACH CLUB NATURE 5* UAI, 2024-10-11 6 n.


One of the things Bali is known for are its amazing sandy beaches, where every view is worthy of a picture. So sit back, relax on the beach or inflatable boat and soak in all the sunshine this land has been blessed with.


The inspiring nature of Bali and the magical essence of its culture creates a unique environment for everyone who wants to practice being mindful and open their hearts up for the colorful experiences this life has to offer.


Amazing, all-inclusive resorts, beautiful beaches and mindfulness sessions - these are just a few of the things that will help you relax and enjoy your holiday.




Bali is an amazing place to find a relief from everyday stress. Beautiful resorts, amazing beaches and a special attention to the practice of mindfulness. Contact us so we can help you organize a memorable stay at one of the most magical places on the planet.